Aculab Cloud – a true cloud telephony platform

Cloud_homepage2Aculab Cloud is a communications platform as a service (CPaaS), that presents a range of programmable telephony resources to customers via simple, high-level APIs. Aculab Cloud makes it easy to create applications that make, receive and interact with calls, handle inbound/outbound fax and send/receive SMS messages with no specialist telephony equipment needed. Aculab Cloud leverages Aculab’s core expertise by combining complex technologies into a powerful, flexible and easy to use platform. As a cloud telephony platform Aculab Cloud offers a cost-effective way to build telephony applications or add telephony features to your solutions. All you have to focus on is writing your application – Aculab Cloud handles the telephony elements for you. To find out more, a good place to start is to have a look at the short video clips below.


How it works – Outbound

How it works - Inbound

How it works – Inbound






For a complete overview visit the Aculab Cloud system website.  From here you will also be able to register for a free developer account, view sample code and much more.

Sign up for a FREE developer account here:
  • Just pay-per-minute for what you use – no contracts, no set-up fees
  • International service provision – inbound and outbound PSTN options
  • Complete control over application programs and data security – use whatever libraries, files or databases you wish
  • High-level programming APIs (Python, Java and .NET) and REST APIs (PHP, Python, Java, .NET and Ruby)– facilitates rapid application development
  • No specialist telephony hardware or software required – just write your application and register with Aculab Cloud
  • No need to understand how the telephone network works – we manage that for you
  • Full scalability – no need to provision for peak usage of telephony resources
  • Free developer account – free developer support, code samples, tutorials and numbers


  • International inbound and outbound service provision – no need to be concerned about SIP or TDM telephony protocols
  • Telephony resources – full call recording, call transfer, voice prompt playback and recording, DTMF (keypad tone) detection and barge-in, multi-party conferencing, fax
  • SMS messaging – inbound and outbound
  • Call progress analysis – answering machine and live speaker detection
  • Speech technology – Text-to-speech (TTS) playback. Male and female voices in many languages are available, including: British, American and Australian English; many European languages, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish; Russian; American Spanish; Brazilian Portuguese; and Canadian French
  • Extensive call diagnostics and call data records
  • Channel count – What do you need?
  • Form factor – N/A
  • Security – HTTPS and SSL
  • Operating systems – UAS’ for Linux and Windows platforms
  • Voice and message broadcast announcement servers
  • Conference servers
  • Contact and call centres
  • Appointment reminder systems
  • IVR servers and voice portals
  • Voicemail
  • Online gaming platforms
  • Quality monitoring and testing
  • Unified communications platform
  • Fax services

What is Aculab Cloud?

How it works video

How it works

A simple application

A recent webinar

A technical webinar

An interview with Total Telecom

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  • Aculab Cloud – a true cloud telephony platform
  • Aculab Cloud – a true cloud telephony platform

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