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Speech recognitionSay “Aaaah”

A person’s voice and speech patterns can be affected by many medical conditions. To get those conditions assessed or diagnosed usually involves attending a specialist clinic, where a speech and language therapist will analyse the characteristics of your speech.

Apart from issues of training, expertise and costly equipment, such assessment is largely subjective and, on the day, your voice might just be OK. Wouldn’t it be better to get a detailed history of objective measurements, without having to attend the clinic each time?

Easy and often

Frequent, remotely taken measurements would allow clinicians to make a more informed and accurate assessment of progress or response to therapy. “Easy and often” might be the motto. That’s what’s offered by Aculab’s automatic voice and speech analysis system. Far better than a stressful, monthly trek to the clinic.

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Key benefits

For clinicians, speech therapists, medical researchers, and other voice professionals, Aculab’s automatic voice and speech analysis system could provide many benefits:

  • Cost-effective measurement of speech disorders
  • More efficient monitoring and screening for abnormalities
  • More effective use of resources; time, equipment and facilities
  • Easily accumulate historical patient data
  • Minimise disruption to patient and clinician
  • Cost savings for patient and practice

Telephone-quality speech contains a wealth of information, not only allowing for a caller’s speech to be understood, but also for individual speaker characteristics to be identified, and for many abnormalities to be detected and quantified.

Calls can be scheduled as frequently as necessary, and the system can include additional communication between clinician and patient, such as an SMS reminder to make scheduled calls, confirmation of the patient’s availability for clinical appointments, or prompting the patient to perform any self-medication or other actions that may be required.

The demo

In this easy to access telehealth demo, you get to see how Aculab’s automatic voice and speech analysis system works. It makes objective measurements of your speech characteristics, by means of a simple phone call – and lets you have the results straightaway.

In the demonstration, your responses to a short series of spoken prompts will be recorded and analysed, and a report returned to you via email.

In a practical system, the email could be sent to a clinician or speech therapist. The specialist would then interpret the results and compare them with your history, using them as key input in determining an ongoing program of therapy or care.


1. Send your email address via SMS text message to: • UK +44 7441 909559 ; or • USA +1 321 300 2424 2. Receive an SMS reply confirmation 3. Call the number specified in the SMS instructions 4. Follow the instructions you are given over the phone 5. Receive an email with the results



















During the call, you will be asked to memorise a number, say “Aaaah” for five to 10 seconds, and then say the memorised number. Finally, you will be asked to repeat two sentences from a standard diagnostic text (known as the ‘grandfather passage’). After that, the call will end and you should hang up.


  1. This system is for demonstration purposes only. The results should not be taken as an indication of any health issue. It presents only a subset of Aculab’s voice and speech analysis system’s capabilities.
  2. By using this demo you agree that Aculab may record and store your voice and use it to improve it’s services, such as this demo. To protect your privacy, we take steps to de-identify your data and keep it secure. We won’t publish your data or let other people use it.

For full details of the Aculab Cloud voice and speech analysis system, including the telehealth demo and a description of the data you will receive via email, please refer to this Telehealth demo description page.