Gateways – for interworking and more


Aculab offers gateways for IP and TDM interworking, and for legacy TDM protocol conversion. In addition, Aculab offers an open application platform gateway on which you can run your own or third party communications applications.

Using Aculab’s worldwide portfolio of TDM and IP signalling protocols, our gateways enable you to solve all manner of network interconnection problems. Any combination of protocols is possible and on the principle of any-to-SIP, you can choose readily from a list that includes SS7, ISDN, QSIG, DPNSS, and most any legacy CAS variant.

More than just a gateway, Aculab’s application platform (AP) gateway enables resellers and/or integrators to deploy enterprise class applications in a cost-effective, single box solution.

ApplianX AP Gateway

ApplianX_IPGatewayThe ApplianX AP Gateway offers the full functionality and capabilities of our well known IP gateway, including DPNSS and QSIG Supplementary Services. Additionally, however, it includes a virtual machine (VM) instance. Its high-spec VM enables operating systems (OS) and software applications to be installed in the box. That means you get to run your own or third party applications alongside the gateway, without needing additional, external hardware. You can use it, for example, to run an IP-PBX solution with an integral PSTN failover connection for branch office survivability.

ApplianX IP Gateway

The ApplianX IP Gateway can be used to realise many VoIP and TDM migration strategies. Whether connecting a TDM-based PBX to a SIP-based call manager, providing a PSTN front end to SIP-based platforms, or extending the life of a DPNSS-based PBX by connecting to IP-PBX solutions, which typically support QSIG, it offers a cost-effective solution. It is a ‘plug & play’ gateway that can reduce operational costs and provide extensibility between legacy equipment and IP-based services and endpoints. Uniquely, it fully supports all Supplementary Services between SIP, DPNSS and QSIG.


Groomer_group_stacked2Aculab’s GroomerII is a versatile problem solver of incompatibility issues in any telecommunications network and has been described as “the Swiss Army knife of gateways.” GroomerII media gateways and protocol converters offer interworking and call routing features for TDM-to-IP and IP-to-TDM conversion, particularly between SS7 and SIP.

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