ApplianX AP Gateway

The advantage of the ApplianX AP Gateway lies in it being more than just a gateway. Leverage the ApplianX platform and take full advantage of its ease of use and flexibility, without having to add yet another device to your server room collection.

The ApplianX AP Gateway offers all the features and functionality of Aculab’s ‘plug & play’ ApplianX IP Gateway, which means it can be used in the same VoIP/TDM gateway scenarios and for SIP, DPNSS and QSIG interworking. Its comprehensive call routing engine controls traffic between TDM and IP end points, including termination on the internal VM environment providing the integral application platform (AP).

Outgoing calls can be ‘gatewayed’ to SIP or TDM as required. Furthermore, the AP can be configured for independent ingress/egress of e.g., SIP calls via Ethernet interfaces. That makes it suitable for any VoIP or IP-PBX application, in addition to making it a practical alternative for third party SBC software.

  • IP gateway – all the features and functions of the ApplianX IP Gateway
  • Application platform – run your own or third party communications applications
  • High-spec virtual machine – install your choice of OS environment
  • Investment protection – make the most of your hardware investment
  • More than just a gateway – run any business VoIP or IP-PBX application in the same box
  • PSTN fallback – offers branch office survivability with PSTN fallback, should the SIP network fail
  • DTMF clamping – eliminates tones in call recordings (for PCI compliance)
  • Web browser interface – comprehensive management and admin suite with familiar interface, and SNMP


Find out more on the full range of worldwide protocols supported

  • Gateway TDM options– 1, 2 or 4 E1/T1 trunk interfaces for TDM traffic
  • Gateway SIP options – up to 120 independent VoIP calls via Ethernet
  • VM spec – 4-core, 2.4 GHz CPU; 12 GB RAM; 250 GB SSD
  • VM interfaces – 2 x GB Ethernet; front panel RJ-45
  • Application platform – Windows or Linux third party applications
  • Configuration – Web browser; Guest VNC; HTTP(S)
  • Remote management– SNMP traps, and DHCP
  • Format– 1U, 19″ rack mountable appliance
  • Interworking enterprise VoIP telecoms to the PSTN or private networks
  • Implementing a transitional strategy from TDM to VoIP
  • Enabling use of SIP Trunks, replacing legacy TDM infrastructure
  • Running in-house or third party business VoIP applications on the same hardware
    • IP-PBX
    • Router/firewall
    • SBC
    • Unified communications
    • Call recording
    • Conference Bridge
  • Ensuring branch office survivability with integral PSTN fallback
  • Eliminating DTMF tones in contact centre call recordings (for PCI compliance)


“The Aculab ApplianX AP Gateway is a great piece of kit allowing one to combine the VoIP/ISDN features of the gateway with a powerful VM instance, allowing bespoke facilities to be provided all in one box. Very useful in the often met environment where rack space is at a premium.”

James Campbell, Operations Director, Syntec

  • ApplianX AP Gateway

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