Reliable, deployment proven technology, Aculab’s portfolio of media processing products offers a comprehensive set of functionality used to create a wide range of enterprise and telco level service applications, including voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), conferencing, prepaid platforms, voice portals, unified messaging, fax bureaux, VoIP gateways and media servers.

Prosody X media processing chassis

Prosody X 1U chassis familyFeature rich media processing resources for IP and TDM networks in a ready to deploy 1U chassis. The Prosody X 1U chassis is remotely controlled from an application server using Aculab’s remote APIs – the same APIs that are used for board-based designs. The configuration presents a distributed, service-oriented architecture that offers both resilience and ready scalability.

Prosody X media processing boards

Prosody X PCIe boardProsody X boards are based on a unique IP-centric architecture, which means they are designed for media processing in IP-based networks. This architecture enables the creation of flexible, resilient and scalable solutions, which can be distributed amongst different chassis.
Prosody X offers the capabilities needed to implement reliable, high availability platforms and solutions with unrivalled benchmarks in density and price.

Signalling & protocols functionality

VoIP, SS7, ISDN and CAS signalling and protocol support for use with Prosody X.

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