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Aculab’s professional services team can help you get the highest possible value and return from your investment in our technology.

Our globally available team is here to assist you at every stage of your solution’s life cycle – from concept to development, through to testing, deployment and beyond. Our consultants pride themselves on their responsiveness and a ‘can-do’ approach.

  • Introductory level modules – telecommunications; TDM theory; protocols such as Signalling System number 7 (SS7); and Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Skills-based training modules on Aculab’s APIs – call control; media processing; fax; datacomms; and on protocol specific APIs, such as SIP and SS7
  • Installation and configuration modules on Aculab’s products – hardware or software-based
  • Higher level training modules for Aculab’s products – redundancy measures; fault-finding; and diagnostics
  • Aculab Cloud – what you need to write and deploy a cloud-based application
  • Media gateway products – essential administrator and user level training courses for both GroomerII and ApplianX gateways
  • Training venues – at our offices in the UK or USA , on your premises (a location of your choice) or remotely

We do not publish a list of standard courses; we prefer, in the first instance, to discuss your requirements, which allows us to determine the approach most suited to your technical needs and project timescales

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  • Onsite installation – when you need help with time critical onsite activities, such as installation, Aculab’s teams can be seconded to enhance your resource pool’s manpower and skill sets
  • Onsite fault finding – our experience in solving complex conceptual design and integration challenges can save time by allowing your valuable engineering talent to focus on applying resources effectively
  • Equipment evaluation, benchmarking and testing – we offer benchmarking solutions ans strategy to increase business performance, with valuable tips and techniques from experienced experts
  • Customer application testing – for project-based activity, where guidance and practical help can be particularly beneficial, our consultants can assist with a range of test exercises including: application specific testing and deployment load testing
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  • Flexible and custom solutions – tailored to your business needs
  • Project design, review and analysis – our offerings are comprehensive and flexible enough to meet the exacting needs of your business operations. We can also work with you to design new services or customize existing ones
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Tell us your requirements

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