WiNGcon case study

Capitalising on its distinguished position and role in the evolution of the GSM-Railway (GSM-R) system, WiNGcon sought to introduce a black-box recording solution for its customers and partners in Europe and elsewhere.

Lawful intercept case study

The effectiveness of Lawful Intercept depends on the use of technology. Aculab’s Prosody X provides a competitive advantage to its customers in the LI market space as this case study document describes.

Enabling E1 support in virtual call centres

Today’s call centres rely heavily on IP communications links. However, they might still require a number of E1 or T1 ports to connect them to legacy equipment. Call centre technology partners needed a solution to allow them to run their applications on standardised, virtualised servers,…

Resilient case study

smartnumbers™ from Resilient – smart enough to use Aculab Resilient Networks plc is a provider of highly survivable voice communications services. The company helps large organisations, such as government, defence, finance, health, utilities and retail, solve enterprise wide problems with its robust and flexible communications…