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    Voice biometrics

    Add enhanced security and user convenience with biometric voice authentication to your customer contact apps

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    Communications Platform as a Service

    Powerful, programmable voice, SMS and fax with simple, high-level APIs.

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    For IP and TDM interworking, protocol conversion and more

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    Media processing

    Reliable, deployment proven technology for a wide range of enterprise and telco grade telecom applications

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Enabling global technologies

Backed by a team of highly experienced engineers, Aculab empowers communication system developers around the World. In collaboration with Google and Amazon, we provide services, systems and software, already deployed in over 80 countries worldwide.

We use proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with hand-crafted algorithms designed and refined through extensive experience in the use of telecommunications "in the wild".

Build your applications on a platform you can trust.

  • Engineered by experts
    Engineered by experts

    Designed in-house by engineers with an in-depth understanding of telecoms

  • Deployed across the world
    Deployed across the world

    Used in enterprise and telco organisations including the military and emergency services

  • Honed over 40 years
    Decades of experience

    Huge knowledge base, vast feature sets available to developers

  • Reliable, robust, award-winning
    Reliable, robust, award-winning

    Engineered to last

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Aculab, Decades of innovation

For over 40 years, Aculab has been providing a range of essential telecoms products to the global communications market. Our technology is used to deliver voice, fax and data solutions for use within IP, PSTN and mobile networks – with performance levels that are second to none.

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    Over 1000 customers, in more than 80 countries rely on Aculab’s industry leading technology.

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    Companies worldwide have adopted our technology for a wide variety of business critical services and solutions.

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    Aculab’s expertise helps its customers to revolutionise the way enterprises and consumers interact and communicate.

  • What our clients say

    IPI logo
    “Aculab’s VoiSentry is a best-in-class product that we are proud to have as part of our product ecosystem. VoiSentry removes the friction traditionally associated with the ID&V process by using an end user’s unique voiceprint as identification. Not only does this provide our clients with the highest level of security within their contact centres, but it also improves the overall customer experience through a faster and more natural ID&V process.”
    Steve Murray, Solutions Director at IPI
  • What our clients say

    I-Tel logo
    “Thanks to the automation of our system, with its integration of VoiSentry from Aculab, AIPo and other public bodies can be 100% sure of who clocked in. With voice stamping, everything is simple, transparent, and immediate, both for the employee and for the human resources department, which no longer has to process the stamping of badges.”
    Stefania Mancini, Technical Director, iTel
  • What our clients say

    Bequick logo
    “Aculab's straightforward Cloud API allowed us to rapidly develop a scalable, reliable telephony platform to better meet our clients' messaging needs.”
    Adam Johnston, BeQuick Software
    Aculab Cloud
  • What our clients say

    Alert solution logo
    “The Aculab Cloud service provided my company with the ability to quickly develop and deploy a stable and scalable voice broadcasting system.”
    Andrew Maillet, Alert Solutions
    Aculab Cloud
  • What our clients say

    eClinicalworks logo
    “We were looking for a messaging platform that could handle the volume and short call set-up times we needed, and we found the ideal solution from Aculab.”
    Sidd Shah, eClinicalWorks
    Aculab Cloud
  • What our clients say

    Syntec logo
    “The Aculab ApplianX AP Gateway is a great piece of kit allowing one to combine the VoIP/ISDN features of the gateway with a powerful VM instance, allowing bespoke facilities to be provided all in one box. Very useful in the often met environment where rack space is at a premium.”
    James Campbell, Operations Director, Syntech
  • What our clients say

    Algar logo
    “The ApplianX can do various TDM to VoIP conversions and is easy to configure; with responsive support and development teams it has been an invaluable tool in helping us bridge the decades.”
    Peter Cleveland, Head of Infrastructure, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
  • What our clients say

    BT logo
    “When we needed a totally reliable and mission critical connection device at Goonhilly that would also give us good visibility of any problems, Aculab’s GroomerII was the natural choice.”
    Andy Dennis, Technical Expert/Team Leader for IP & Messaging Systems of BT Ignite
  • What our clients say

    Paytel logo
    “Aculab was very quick to understand our requirements and make the changes we needed to get our development effort underway. The ongoing consultation and support from Aculab was a tremendous asset.”
    David Orr, PayTel Software
  • What our clients say

    Future technologies logo
    “The Prosody X platform is extremely flexible, giving us a number of options to build solutions to our customers’ specifications.”
    Owais Ali Shah, CTO Future Technologies
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    Broadcast messaging that uses a cloud-based service is a natural choice. Using a cloud as-a-service approach gives a variety of message delivery options, and cuts down costs by automatically scaling to meet demand. Find out what makes Aculab Cloud such a natural choice for voice and SMS broadcast messaging, and how other customers are already reaping the benefits from using Aculab's CPaaS platform.

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  • The technology working behind the scenes to support emergency services networks

    Now more than ever, telecoms infrastructures play a vital role in supporting the health of our communities. Behind the scenes, networking technologies are working to keep the lines of communications open between emergency services and those in need.

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