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on Aculab Cloud

Strengthen or replace a username and password. Aculab Cloud’s two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a layer of security to protect data stored by users. An SMS is sent to a user's phone after login to make sure account access is protected.

Two factor authentication flow diagram

Two-factor authentication

Protect transactions and secure accounts with Aculab's two-factor authentication solution.

  • High throughput messaging systems

    High throughput
    messaging systems

  • Add secure logins viaPIN or password

    Add secure logins via
    PIN or password

  • A complete authentication system

    A complete
    authentication system

  • Global reach and delivery reports

    Global reach and
    delivery reports

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Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample Python code.

my_service = message_web_service (connection, username, password, wsserver)
message_send_result = my_service.msg_send(to="11111", from="22222",
content="This message was sent by Aculab Cloud" )

See sample code in other programming languages:

Aculab Cloud pricing

Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing with volume based discounts.

Extensive range of virtual local numbers available to support two-way SMS.

Shortcodes also available for mass sending applications.

Volume-based discounts.

For full pricing detail, visit our pricing page.

Inbound SMS (US cents) Starting at

per message

Inbound number (US dollar)

per number per month

Outbound SMS (US cents)

per message

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