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Build broadcast messaging applications
on Aculab Cloud

Aculab’s voice capabilities allow you to send mass communications quickly and simultaneously. The one-to-many voice broadcast application can be built to simply broadcast a message or to be more interactive with recipients.

Broadcast messaging diagram

Voice broadcasting

Engage with your customers wherever they are in the world.

  • High-capacity for mass communications

    High-capacity for mass communications

  • Only pay for what you use

    Only pay for what you use

  • Scale to support changing demand

    Scale automatically to support changing demand

  • Speech Recognition

    Free multi-lingual TTS for voicemail message creation

  • Answering Machine detection

    Accurate answering machine detection at no extra cost

  • High peak capacity ensures simultaneous transmission

    High peak capacity ensures simultaneous transmission

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See how simple it is, try out the code…

Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample Python code.

play_action = Play(text_to_say='Hello, good evening and welcome.') my_actions.append(play_action)

See sample code in other programming languages:

Aculab Cloud pricing

Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing with volume based discounts.

Free inbound and outbound SIP calls (just pay the 1¢ per minute platform rate) to use the system.

Extensive range of virtual local numbers available – geographic, national, mobile and toll-free.

Competitive outbound call rates for worldwide PSTN calls.

Option to use your own carrier choices.

Volume-based discounts.

For full pricing detail, visit our pricing page.

Inbound calls Starting at

1¢ per min
SIP or PSTN calls

Inbound number Starting at

per number per month

Outbound calls Starting at

per minute (SIP calls)
per minute (PSTN calls)

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