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Aculab Cloud uses three types of credentials:

CredentialPurposeUser set?
Cloud Console Used to login to the Cloud Console Yes
Outbound service Assigned to each individual outbound service Yes
API Access Key Generated key to access APIs No

Cloud Console password

The Cloud Console password allows access to the Cloud Console website, in order to provide account information, usage reports, add funds, buy telephone numbers, create and modify services and much more. Due to the nature of the data available on the site it's important to keep your website password confidental and unique. To improve the complexity of the password, we enforce these type of passwords to be at least seven characters in length, with at least one letter or number.

Outbound Service password

A password is assigned to each outbound service you create. When invoking an outbound service, the outbound service password is authenticated before starting the application. There are no restictions on the password. It is advised to have unique passwords for each outbound service, and for the password to be different to your Cloud Console password.

API Access Key

The UAS and web services, other than starting an outbound service, will use the API Access Key for authentication. The Key itself is found on the API Access Key page, accessible via the Cloud Console. Here you can view the Key and optionally generate a new one. It is not possible to set your own Key.

Accounts created before the introduction of the API Access Key will have their Key automatically defaulted to be the Cloud Console password. This ensure backwards compatibility with your existing setup. However, it is recommended to generate a new Key to use in your code.

You may replace your key by generating a new one using the Cloud Console. The newly generated key can be displayed on screen, but the previous one will continue to operate. Once you have made the necessary changes in your code, the newly generated Key can be used immediately after. The previously used key will then no longer work.