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How should I configure SS7 from v6.2 onwards?

'v5' and 'v6' configurations were very similar, apart from the '-cSNET' parameter, which was changed to a '-cSOPC' one.

Most of the firmware switches have been removed, and may now be configured using the stack configuration file (see 'How do you configure the stack configuration file?'). The remaining switches are:

  • -cOPC
  • -cDPC
  • -cSLC
  • -cTS
  • -cCIC
  • -cNCRC
  • -cIMP75
  • From v6.2.x onwards, there is a specific order that firmware parameters need to follow. This section lists the mandatory order that firmware configuration needs to follow:
    Signalling links
    The order is : -cOPCa -cDPCb -cTSc -cSLCd.

    For example, with a local point code of 1, a destination point code of 2, signalling timeslot 16 and signalling link code 0 you would have:

    '-cOPC1 -cDPC2 -cTS16 -cSLC0'.

    Bearer channels
    The order is -cOPCa -cDPCb -cCICc,xxxxxxxx,yyyyyyyy with c being the CIC base, xxxxxxxx being the CIC map and yyyyyyyy the circuit map. The CIC base is the CIC number of the first timeslot that has been assigned a CIC.

    The CIC map is a 32 bit vector representing which timeslots will be assigned a circuit identifier and the circuit map is a 32 bit vector representing which channels can be used as bearers.

    For example, with a local point code of 1, destination point code of 2, and assuming that we want to assign a CIC number to all timeslots starting with ts1 of CIC1, and that all timeslots can be used as bearers apart from timeslot 16. You would then have '-cOPC1 -cDPC2 -cCIC1,fffffffe,fffefffe'.

    -cNCRC (disable CRC4 checking) and -cIMP75 (enable 75 Ohm operation) need to be added after all signalling and bearer channels configuration switches have been set.

    OPC and DPC parameters can be omitted if configuring bearers straight after the corresponding signalling link. For example with the previous settings you can have:

    '-cOPC1 -cDPC2 -cTS16 -cSLC0 -cCIC1,fffffffe,fffefffe'