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Should any extra care be taken on multi-homed platforms when using Version 3 applications?

Yes, as with Prosody S v2, Prosody S v3 will create a vmprx bound to ''; i.e. all available network interfaces on the PC on which that instance of Prosody S v3 is running. For the majority of cases this will be the behaviour required and will work for single homed and most multi-homed systems.

It is possible, however, to specify a single network interface by providing a source IP address in the sm_vmprx_create() API call. This feature allows an application to tie specific RTP endpoints to specific networks; useful in syysm_vmprx_create() API calstems that bridge between different subnets, LANs, WANs, SIP trunks and so forth.

It should be noted that on multi-homed platforms Prosody S v3 will only report a single IP address (via acu_get_card_info()) as configured via the ACT.

Therefore, to utilise a true multi-homed setup, an application will need to be aware of the different IP addresses available on each Prosody S v3 platform via an alternative mechanism (such as a configuration file); it should then use the relevant IP address in the call to sm_vmprx_create().

If a vmprx was created and bound to a specific network interface, then this information is made available in subsequent calls to sm_vmprx_status() - this allows an alternative and automatic method for determining the correct IP address to use in SDP negotiation.