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When can I renew my Aculab software licence?

Aculab perpetual licences loaded to a virtual machine are installed with a one-year timer, and a licence renewal operation needs to take place towards the end of the year to maintain service. Licences cannot be renewed until they are within 28 days of their expiry date. Provided that the system has been set up so that an outbound connection can be made (on port 443) to the Aculab licence servers, the renew operation will happen automatically. If this is not possible, the Aculab licensing system will issue email notifications to tell you of any licences needing renewal.

If, however, an engineer is on site before the renew period, and you wish to perform a renewal to obtain a further 12 months of operation, there is a way to achieve this, as described below:

  1. Remove the licence(s) on the target machine using the ACT or ALT
  2. Re-install the licence(s)

The act of removal and re-installation will reset the timer on the installed licence to 12 months.

Important note: removal of licences will mean that the licenced software will not be operational until the licences are re-installed, so this operation should only be done outside of normal business hours during a service outtage window unless a system with server resiliency has been set up.

Information on licence removal can be found in the New Licensing quickstart guide

This applies to the following licenced products:

  • Prosody S
  • Sigtran
  • Dual-redundant SIP