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Media processing
and signalling

Telephony hardware and software, plus SS7, SIGTRAN and SIP signalling stacks. Reliable, deployment proven technology, Aculab’s portfolio of media processing products and signalling stacks offers a comprehensive set of functionality used to create a wide range of enterprise and telco level service applications, including voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), conferencing, prepaid platforms, voice portals, SS7 and SIP call control, short message service centres (SMSC), unified messaging, fax bureaux, VoIP gateways and media servers.

  • Proven telephony stacks
    Proven telephony and signalling stacks

    Deployment proven over many years in enterprise and telco environments

  • Low level telephony APIs
    Low-level telephony APIs

    Fully featured low-level APIs give full control over application use and timing

  • Flexible deployment options
    Flexible deployment options

    Use the same APIs on hardware or software platforms

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Decades of expertise in telecoms

Huge knowledge base, vast feature sets available to developers for mainstream and niche application development.

  • Ready-made and
quick to deploy

    Ready-made and
    quick to deploy

  • Easy


  • Extend your

    Extend your

  • Backed by our
extraordinary heritage

    Backed by our
    extraordinary heritage

  • Partnership with an
industry veteran

    Built by telecoms

  • Reliable, robust and

    Reliable, robust and