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Job spec No. PSJ2001 Management System Trustee

An exciting opportunity exists for an enthusiastic individual to work in Aculab’s Management System (comprising both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001). The position is within the Management System team, which also looks after HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

The work will include helping to maintain Aculab’s ISO 9001 (QMS) and ISO 27001 (ISMS) accreditation, while applying continual improvement to our existing processes and work instructions from around the company. The position is full-time and will involve varied work based in the Milton Keynes office.

Education required:

·       English language qualification (equivalent to GSCE grade B or above).


·       Managing Aculab’s internal audit programme, including organising incoming audit reports and monthly meetings
·       Managing Aculab’s risk assessments, including continual review into progress of open risks, and review of accepted risks
·       Managing corrective actions, including continual review into progress
·       Dealing with customer feedback, including handling documentation and internal communication for investigation
·       Being involved in external audits
·       Implementing continual improvement various processes and documentation around the company

Essential skills required:

·       In-depth knowledge of ISO 9001
·       Change/version control
·       Excellent verbal and written communication
·       Good Word and Excel skills
·       Experience in auditing.
·       Implementing continual improvement various processes and documentation around the company.

Advantageous experience:

·       ISO 27001
·       Alfresco.

The candidate:                               

The ideal candidate will be a self-motivated team worker with a process orientated mindset. They must have excellent verbal and written skills.

The company

Established in 1978 Aculab has grown into a multinational company, selling into over 40 countries. Aculab's mission statement includes the phrase “to maintain a work environment of satisfaction, pride and fun”. A flat management structure and empowered staff add to the enjoyment and personal satisfaction of working at Aculab.


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