Job No. Kick-1436 Kickstart Digital analyst

An exciting opportunity exists for an enthusiastic Digital Analyst to work with the Engineering department at Aculab PLC.

For this role Aculab is looking to offer primarily remote roles nationwide.

Digital Analysts at Aculab can expect a varied role - analysing audio/video data and classifying the data for the creation of a database. Candidates will work closely with the AI team, contributing to the development of new technology. Alongside this, candidates may aid with publicising Aculab products to developers and technical managers on social media groups.

For candidates interested in computer programming, there is also the opportunity available to learn a programming language.

Candidates will be involved in the following:

·       Completing market and competitor research
·       Basic campaign management
·       Promotion of Aculab products to developers and technical managers via social media groups
·       Additional duties will include metadata creation and analysis of audio recordings.

Whilst undertaking this role successful candidates will also gain experience and familiarity with the ideation and production of digital marketing content, including social media.

Education required:

·       An A level at a minimum pass grade in Maths, a Science or a related subject.

Education desired:

·       A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related subject.

The following are essential

·       Strong communication and organisational skills
·       Ability to work independently
·       Good time keeping skills
·       Fantastic attitude/willingness to learn
·       Access to a computer and a reliable internet connection

The following would be advantageous                               

·       Familiarity with a computer programming language
·       Familiarity with the use of internet protocols​
·       Experience in sales, marketing or administration
·       Experience using Discord.

As this role is offered under the Kickstart scheme, apply only if you meet the following criteria:

·       You are aged between 18-24
·       You are eligible or are currently claiming Universal Credit.

Applying for an Aculab Kickstart role

To apply for a Kickstart role, ask your Job Centre work coach to refer you for remote roles available from Aculab.

The company

Established in 1978 Aculab has grown into a multinational company, selling into over 40 countries. Aculab's mission statement includes the phrase “to maintain a work environment of satisfaction, pride and fun”. A flat management structure and empowered staff add to the enjoyment and personal satisfaction of working at Aculab.