VoiSentry adds value to your end user solutions

VoiSentry is an API-driven voice biometrics system that enables you to quickly and cost-effectively add secure caller authentication and identification to any telephony-related business application.

  • Commercially viable software

    Commercially viable software

    VoiSentry offers affordable biometric voice identification and authentication for businesses of all sizes, across a range of use cases.

  • Robust and accurate biometrics

    Robust and accurate biometrics

    Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many proprietary, hand-crafted algorithms provide real-world, state-of-the-art accuracy and performance.

  • End user benefits

    End user benefits

    Voice biometrics enhances customer satisfaction, replacing time-consuming manual processes with automated, self-service caller ID verification.

  • Fraud prevention
    Fraud prevention

    VoiSentry enables enhanced security and mitigation of fraud risks, with presentation attack detection and multi-factor authentication.

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VoiSentry benefits

  • Cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency

    Eliminates the time and cost associated with agent-led ID&V for the majority of calls.

  • Fraud prevention

    Fraud prevention

    Enables enhanced security with anti-spoofing and multi-factor caller authentication.

  • User experience

    User experience

    Provides a simple, unobtrusive and intuitive method of caller ID and verification.

  • User satisfaction

    User satisfaction

    Eliminates the need for all those irritating security questions at the beginning of a call.

  • Flexible deployment

    Flexible deployment

    VoiSentry is the ideal choice for multiple, distinct applications and hosted solutions.

  • Added value

    Added value

    Voice biometrics allows systems integrators to add further value to their solutions.

  • What our clients say

    I-Tel logo
    “Thanks to the automation of our system, with its integration of VoiSentry from Aculab, AIPo and other public bodies can be 100% sure of who clocked in. With voice stamping, everything is simple, transparent, and immediate, both for the employee and for the human resources department, which no longer has to process the stamping of badges.”
    Stefania Mancini, Technical Director, iTel
  • What our clients say

    IPI logo
    “Aculab’s VoiSentry is a best-in-class product that we are proud to have as part of our product ecosystem. VoiSentry removes the friction traditionally associated with the ID&V process by using an end user’s unique voiceprint as identification. Not only does this provide our clients with the highest level of security within their contact centres, but it also improves the overall customer experience through a faster and more natural ID&V process.”
    Steve Murray, Solutions Director at IPI
  • What our clients say

    Algar logo
    “ Aculab's VoiSentry was the ideal solution for our biometric verification needs. As a provider of IT Services for large corporations, VoiSentry was able to provide us with a modern, powerful, language-independent and consistent solution. Aculab's technical support was also extremely helpful throughout the development period, going as far as including new features based on our feedback.”
    Algar Tech
  • What our clients say

    My Force logo
    “VoiSentry has proven to be a great choice for us when we were searching for a voice biometrics system to integrate. I believe its ability to offer individual user passphrases or a randomly generated series of words for verification is a USP for Aculab.”
    Bart Minne, Business Development Manager MyForce NV