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How do I find out what software modules are downloaded to the TiNG DSP on my Prosody X card?

The listfw tool can be used to list the firmware currently downloaded to a specific TiNG DSP on a Prosody X card. The command line arguments for this tool are listed below: -

listfw -i <module> -k [-m ]

Where: -

The tool can be found in the following locations: -

<ip-address> is the IP address of the Prosody X resources (The one specified via the Aculab Configuration Tool).
<site-key> is the security key specified for the Prosody X card.
<module> is the zero based index of the TiNG DSP on the Prosody X card (0..N-1), where N number of TING DSPs on the card.

Windows: %ACULAB_ROOT%\TiNG\util\gen-WINNT_V6
Linux: $ACULAB_ROOT/TiNG/util/gen-LINUX_V6