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Licence activation

Aculab licensing uses several systems:

Licence database with web-based front end Enables the creation 24x7 of licence key strings
AIT - Aculab installation tool An FTP utility that allows the download of Aculab software files from the Aculab server, and installs the Aculab telephony software onto a customer's server.
ACT - Aculab Configuration tool The key component that configures the software on the target server, and also the tool that activates a licence obtained from the licence database system.

Step 1 of activation is to download the AIT tool, and download the telephony software and ACT tool.

Step 2 is to use ACT to configure the desired telephony software.

Step 3 is to obtain licence 'credits' to activate software products and features such as Prosody S.

Step 4 is to create a licence key file using the licence activation database, and load it to the target server to activate the software.