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Why do I get a "failed to install" message when I try to install my licence?

This can be caused by several issues. First, when copying the licence key string either from the email sent by Aculab or from the screen of the web-based licence server, make sure that extra spaces are not being appended to your key string.

Second, an incorrect machine ID can also cause install failures. The machine ID is a parameter used with Aculab's legacy licensing mechanism that ties a licence to a particular set of hardware, but its structure also includes a random number component. Each licence key installed onto a server will have a unique machine ID. When performing an upgrade to an existing licence, a new licence key is added to the target server. The new key MUST be generated using a new machine ID that is provided by the ACT or licenceAdmin command line tool on the target server.

Aculab's new style licensing mechanism does not require a Machine ID so the possibility of a bad Machine ID causing an install fail is eliminated. Note, however, that even without a Machine ID, the licence install has to be validated  at installation time via connection back to Aculab's licensing servers.