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Why does the troubleshooting section of my configuration summary say there are problems resolving my IP address, under Linux?

If the troubleshooting section of your configuration summary says: -

PROBLEM: Cannot resolve IP address for the machine's hostname. This will cause problems for the IP telephony services

The hostname given to the machine does not resolve to an IP address from either DNS, NIS or /etc/hosts.

Some distributions do not maintain the file /etc/hosts correctly when performing automatic-setup, so you must modify your installation to make sure the hostname given to the machine resolves to an IP address. If neither DNS nor NIS are being used, then /etc/hosts should be setup with the correct IP address and hostname, for example: - user-linux

Additionally, some distributions put the hostname after the localhost IP address ( in /etc/hosts. This will also cause problems for Aculab software and should be fixed as above.