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Will my Prosody S v3 application be able to check how many licences I have available using the Licence Manager API's?

No, you will not be able to query the available licence counts for Prosody S v3.

As the licence manager API has been moved to a separate control entity, it is no longer possible to query the available licence information from within an application.

Alternative mechanisms (such as monitoring vmprx/tx creation against an application known upper limit) will need to be implemented if such pre-emptive functionality is required.

The API calls sm_vmprx_status() and sm_vmptx_status() can be used in Version 3 to determine if licensing limits have been exceeded retrospectively. These APIs will return ERR_SM_NO_RESOURCES if an attempt has been made to create a vmprx or vmptx with insufficient licences.

(Note calls to sm_vmprx/tx_create() will always return successfully; however, this does not indicate a licence has been acquired. The result of the creation, and corresponding licence check, is returned via subsequent calls to the _status() API.)