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Training and

Our globally available team is here to assist you at every stage of your solution’s life cycle – from concept to development, through to testing, deployment and beyond. Our consultants pride themselves on their responsiveness and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

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  • Onsite installations
    Onsite installations

    There when you need the skills to install and configure our products

  • At a venue of your choice
    Training solutions

    Skills-based training modules on Aculab’s APIs, Installation and configuration on all products

  • Benefit from 40 years of experience

    From onsite fault finding to equipment evaluation, benchmarking and testing

Rely on the expertise of Aculab

Aculab offers a support network that is as sophisticated as its products.

  • Onsite


  • Onsite
fault finding

    fault finding

  • Equipment evaluation,
benchmarking, testing

    Equipment evaluation,
    benchmarking, testing

  • Customer application

    application testing

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Make more of your investment

Professional services, training and support teams working to understand your business and technology requirements.

  • Introductory level modules

    Telecoms; TDM theory; protocols such as SS7; and VoIP

  • Skills based training on APIs

    Call control; media processing; fax; datacomms; and on protocol specific APIs, such as SIP and SS7

  • Installation and configuration

    Hardware or software-based

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