Do I need a licence to use any of the codecs?

Access to licensed codecs – legal notice

Codec packages from Aculab

The software packages that Aculab makes available to download and install contain a variety of codec standards. Such codecs are supported by Prosody X and Prosody S using Aculab’s TiNG architecture.

Your obligations

Several of these codec standards may only be used under licensing arrangements involving the payment of fees to an intellectual property rights (IPR) holder or an IPR agent acting on behalf of the IPR holder. It is your responsibility to determine, for any codecs you intend to use, whether any royalties or licence fees are payable.

Legal requirement

In accordance with international law, in case you have an intention to use any codec that is subject to licensing arrangements in your solution, you have a legal requirement to pay licence fees to an IPR holder or agent.

Grant of licence/right to practice

The availability of certain codecs from Aculab does not imply the right to practice those standards, nor does Aculab grant a licence or the right to use or practice those standards. You are legally obliged to contact the IPR holder or agent and to conform to their patents licensing procedure. To seek the right to practice the standards please contact the IPR holders or agents.

IPR agents

For IPR related to the G.722.2, AMR-NB and EVRC codecs, please contact the VoiceAge Corporation (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

For IPR related to the ITU-T G.722.1 codec, licensed from Polycom®, please contact Polycom, Inc ( If you or your customer is a conference service provider you must display Polycom’s Licensed Trademark in your product.

The G.723.1 and G.729 codecs, and their annexes, are based on patented technology and the IPR are owned by a consortium of several organisations and licensed through an agent – Sipro Lab Telecom.

Royalty free licences

The iLBC codec now forms part of the WebRTC open source effort. Licence details can be found here.

The G.729 codec and its annexes are now (as of January 1, 2017) royalty-free. Licence details can be obtained via Sipro Lab Telecom.

Access to the G.729 codecs and supported annexes

The currently available Aculab software stripe releases do not include the G.729 codec as part of the main download package, as prior to 1-1-2017 its distribution was controlled to meet our licensing obligations. In order to get access to the software package containing the G.729 codecs and supported annexes, you need to download it separately via the AIT.