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2019-12-12 New software stripe release for Windows and Linux 64-bit OS, v6.7.1

12th December 2019

Aculab is pleased to announce the release of updated telephony software components, for Windows 64-bit OS and Linux 64-bit distributions, following successful QA testing. We strongly advise you to update to these new versions. The new stripe supports cumulative bug fixes and improvements, and includes support for the Opus codec.

Version 6.7.1 software supports the following 64-bit Windows OS platforms:
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
The Linux version of the 6.7.1 software is designed for use on 64-bit Linux distributions running v3, v4 or v5 kernels. The 6.7.1 stripe release has been fully tested with the following VM environments:
  • VMWare vSphere ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2012
The latest 6.7.1 full release supports the following media processing products from Aculab - Prosody S version 3, and the Prosody X 1U chassis, both Enterprise and HA variants - and support for SIGTRAN.

The updated telephony software components, together with release notes, are now available for download via the Aculab installation tool (AIT) which is available on the software downloads page of Aculab's website: http://www.aculab.com/downloads/

Customers can download the software components using the AIT from the UK servers that host the software libraries now; the US-based servers will have the new components available from tomorrow.

Users of the AIT do not need a password and user name to run the installation package and download Aculab software. However, Aculab strongly recommends that users employ a unique, company specific user name and password. Please contact Aculab technical support via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to validate your user name and password.

Support information for the old 6.7 release

Full support for both 6.7 and 6.7.1 releases is offered to Aculab customers via a support agreement.

Support for customers using version 6.7 software for Windows OS and Linux distributions will continue for a period of 12 months from the date of this notification, until 12th December 2020. During the support period, bug fixes on v6.7 software will be processed; however we will not accept requests for any new functionality on v6.7. All requests for new functionality will be considered for the latest software version only, v6.7.1

Key dates summary

12th December 2019 - v6.7.1 software for Windows 64-bit OS and Linux 64-bit distributions released, supersedes v6.7; both v6.7 and v6.7.1 available on the AIT.

12th December 2020 - End of support for v6.7 Windows and Linux software, v6.7 removed from AIT