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2018-07-30 Updated versions of Aculab licensing components for Windows and Linux

Aculab is pleased to announce the release of updated telephony software components, for Windows and Linux distributions, following successful QA testing.


Licence Admin for Windows                           v4.2.0.7

ACT, ACT LM & IP page for Windows           v4.0.5



Licence Admin for Linux                                 v4.2.0.8

ACT, ACT LM & IP page for Linux                 v4.0.5

ALT for Linux                                                  v1.0.6

These software components have been issued as full release components of Aculab 6.7 software.

The purpose of this release is to provided the means to report online or offline connection status to Aculab licence server, and also to report via the ACT whether the system is running on a bare metal or virtual machine system, along with providing support for Aculab's capped subscription model and various bug fixes and improvements.

The updated telephony software components, together with release notes, are now available for download via the software downloads page of Aculab's website: https://www.aculab.com/downloads/