What is the Extra Channel pricing model?

Your applications have access to one Primary Channel and up to three Extra Channels, configurable via the Inbound and Outbound services.

By default, your service will have the Primary channel, always charged at the Base Rate per minute. You may also use an additional Extra Channel (1) without further cost, but must be enabled via your services. Two (2) and three (3) Extra Channels are charged at 20% and 30% above the base rate respectively, increasing the Base Rate of the application per minute. Only voice application may use Extra Channels.

The base costs per minute are:

Extra Channel CountVoice base cost (per minute)Extra costCharged Base Cost (per minute)
0 $0.01 +0% $0.01
1 $0.01 +0% $0.01
2 $0.01 +20% $0.012
3 $0.01 +30% $0.013