Why does my revision 1.1 card not work in a newer chassis?

The PCI interface device used in Revision 1.2.x E1/T1 PCI cards and revision 1.1.x Prosody PCI cards can cause a number of symptoms to be exhibited when cards are installed in some newer generation servers. Symptoms may range from timing or synchronization issues across the PCI bus, a 'firmware not running' type error reported from the Speech API, or a blue screen resulting from the method of operation of the older interface device, for example. Hyper threading operation can re-order PCI bus transactions and can also be adversely affected.

Knowledge of these symptoms led Aculab to replace the PCI device with a newer alternative that is fitted to revision 1.5.x E1/T1 PCI and Prosody PCI cards. These later revision cards were introduced in January 2002 and are compatible with PCI-X expansion slots.

Customers are advised to conduct their own QA testing as a sensible precaution to ensure compatibility of older revision cards when fitted to new model servers. Aculab technical support can assist in identifying revision levels of cards.