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High Performance AI Broadcast Messaging in a Time of Crisis

If you need to send a similar message to a large group by voice for maximum impact, or by SMS for minimum interruption, a cloud-based broadcast messaging system could be the ideal solution.

Aculab will be hosting the next informative webinar, titled “High Performance AI Broadcast Messaging in a Time of Crisis” on the 6th of October 2020 at 3pm BST/ 10am EDT/ 7am PDT and the 14th of October at 6pm BST/ 1pm EDT/ 10am PDT.

To book your spot, register here for the 6th October, or here for the 14th October.

Join us for the next Aculab Cloud webinar, where we will provide an under-the-hood look at our exciting new developments in broadcast messaging.

We’ll talk about the technology underpinning broadcast messaging, and how it can help companies and businesses to adapt their lines of communication in the wake of massive paradigm shifts, resulting from the global pandemic in this time of crisis.

In this webinar, you’ll learn from Aculab's 40+ years of experience and innovation in the telecoms industry, with an in-depth look at the power and applications of Broadcast Messaging, when controlled via a highly adaptable Cloud-based API.

During this next event, we will discuss:

  • Supporting both Voice and SMS with a Broadcast Messaging system with modern applications and integrated AI
  • How to utilise a solid, flexible calls per second (CPS) management capability, and why it is essential
  • Highly accurate live speaker/answering machine detection – near perfect accuracy
  • High quality, natural sounding text-to-speech
  • Extensive SMS messaging options, and examples of creative applications
  • Ubiquity of access – mobile and landline, wide age demographic, no app to install

And much more...

In our current times, maintaining clear and consistent communication with large, targeted groups of stakeholders has become an even bigger priority for many companies.

To learn how your business can utilise broadcast messaging to send mass voice and SMS notifications to thousands of recipients fast, sign up for free.

Important dates

Aculab Cloud: High Performance AI Broadcast Messaging in a Time of Crisis

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 I 3pm BST/ 10am EDT/ 7am PDT

Register here

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 I 6pm BST/ 1pm EDT/ 10am PDT

Register here

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