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Aculab Cloud partners with Voxbone to give global reach to innovative CPaaS platform

By Dries Plasman, VP Product Management at Voxbone

Aculab Cloud, the market-leading cloud-based telecoms platform, offers a simple and cost-effective way for developers to add telephony features to their applications. Providing a communications platform as a service (CPaaS), Aculab Cloud presents developers with easy-to-use APIs, to enable features such as interactive voice, fax and messaging.

Since Aculab Cloud’s services were launched, demand for inbound capacity on its platform increased six-fold, from customers all around the world. Aculab Cloud needed to team up with a provider that made the globe seem a little more reachable. With coverage of 60 countries and 9000 cities, Voxbone was just what they were looking for. Aculab Cloud relies on Voxbone for DID numbers with global coverage, an easy-to-integrate API and 24-hour support to boost the reach and reliability of its service.

Setting the Scene

Aculab’s history is full of adaptations and evolutions. It is a company that has always kept closely aligned with the technology of the time, adapting in response to what the market wanted. From a beginning in hardware and subsequent movement into software solutions, Aculab has always risen to the challenge of customer demand.

With the boom of cloud technology, Aculab has kept this innovative ethos, and to great success. In 2011, Aculab launched Aculab Cloud, a competitive, pay-as-you-go option that enables developers to access a cloud telephony platform-as-a-service, so that they can design and deliver end user applications and other related services in a range of general purpose programming languages. Aculab Cloud uses the most recent software developments and high-level APIs, further removing the hassle of creating communication applications for developers by making the telephony aspect simple and affordable.

What was the challenge?

As this technology took off, Aculab Cloud began offering its services to more customers in more countries. As a result, demand for inbound traffic increased six fold across global customers. To break into these markets, however, it is necessary to form relationships with multiple telephony providers to keep up with the required reach. Aculab Cloud realized that, ultimately, this was unsustainable. Each provider had varying levels of support and number provisioning speed, meaning that the hassle to deal with many carriers would rise beyond what was reasonable for the company. It needed a telephony partner that would provide ample coverage as the business grew and fast provisioning speed to account for rising demand for its services.

The Solution

Voxbone was the answer. With extensive coverage in 60 countries, Aculab Cloud was able to increase the scope of customers able to access its inbound services. “It was such a relief to consolidate our inbound suppliers to just one by working with Voxbone” said David Samuel, CEO of Aculab. “The integration of Voxbone’s services was easy as their API was compatible with ours, allowing us to add their DID numbers to our offering instantly so that our customers could access the service without delay.”

This ease of integration was improved with 24-hour support from Voxbone, so that Aculab Cloud’s engineers could get swift responses from Voxbone for their questions or issues. This has been a huge value to Aculab Cloud; as a CPaaS, reliability and uptime are of the utmost importance. “We test our system 24×7 and have our engineers looking into critical issues within minutes of a fault being flagged, so to have a reliable supplier behind us makes things easier and bolsters quality,” said Andrew Nicholson, Product Manager, Aculab Cloud. “We have always been able to get prompt support from Voxbone.”

Success Story

With Voxbone, Aculab is now able to take advantage of millions of phone numbers around the world for its CPaaS platform, with its focus currently in the USA and Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Voxbone’s inbound numbers are used in 23 countries so far with the potential to expand as far as 60 countries and 9,000 cities. These direct inward dialing (DID) numbers can be provisioned and configured in real-time via Voxbone’s web portal, so no matter the requirements, Aculab can respond quickly to demand from its customers.

Voxbone’s API is compatible with that of Aculab Cloud. This means they are able to feed Voxbone’s numbers straight into its offering and provide this directly to customers on the platform.

Additionally, Aculab Cloud can now simplify and de-stress the telephony aspect for even more developers around the world. Voxbone’s inbound numbers can be used for all kinds of communications features, including Aculab Cloud’s latest initiative, automatic speech recognition (ASR) which can be used to enhance a call center or IVR system.

Supplying inbound numbers on demand, Voxbone enables Aculab Cloud to demystify telecommunications for developers, helping innovative communication apps get off the ground.

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