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High Performance AI Broadcast Messaging in a Time of Crisis

Aculab hosted an informative webinar, titled “High Performance AI Broadcast Messaging in a Time of Crisis” on the 6th of October 2020 and the 14th of October

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We talked about the AI technology underpinning broadcast messaging, and how it helps companies and businesses to adapt their lines of communication in the wake of massive paradigm shifts, resulting from the global pandemic in this time of crisis.

We also provided a practical demonstration of Aculab Cloud, showing you the ease of creating a Broadcast messaging service with all the cutting edge features Aculab Cloud offers.

During this event, we discussed:

  • Supporting both Voice and SMS with a Broadcast Messaging system with modern applications and integrated AI
  • How to utilise a solid, flexible calls per second (CPS) management capability, and why it is essential
  • Highly accurate live speaker/answering machine detection – near perfect accuracy
  • High quality, natural sounding text-to-speech
  • Extensive SMS messaging options, and examples of creative applications
  • Ubiquity of access – mobile and landline, wide age demographic, no app to install

And much more...

Find the timestamp links below to easily jump to relevant topics in the presentation:

00:00:44 - Broadcast Messaging Background
00:01:18 - Poll #1 = What do you use Broadcast Messaging for?
00:02:07 - Aculab Cloud Broadcast Messaging
00:04:06 - Broadcast Messaging rates and features
00:06:15 - Calls Per Second (CPS) Management
00:09:29 - Live Speaker/Answering Machine Detection (AI)
00:14:28 - Text To Speech or TTS (AI)
00:16:38 - Speech Recognition or Speech-to-Text (AI)
00:18:04 - SMS Overview
00:22:12 - Poll #2 = Do you prefer to use SMS or Voice for Broadcast Messaging?
00:22:54 - Handover to Chris = Maintenance and Support
00:25:06 - Implementation Services
00:25:42 - Live Demo
00:34:30 - Summary
00:35:50 - Questions

Throughout the pandemic, maintaining clear and consistent communication with large, targeted groups of stakeholders has become an even bigger priority for many companies.

Aculab Cloud

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