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Voice biometrics webinar - 23rd May 3:00 PM BST

Aculab will host a live webinar about voice biometrics, featuring Matt Smallman, co-founder of SymNex Consulting. 

By integrating voice biometrics into your end user solutions, your customers will benefit from a compelling ROI, reduced fraud risk, and improved customer experience. To find out more, and for access to the VoiSentry test facility read more or register here.


Voice biometrics

Voice biometrics is a technology used for verifying or authenticating the identity of a speaker. By integrating voice verification with your end user solutions, you’ll be able to offer a more attractive product that provides your customers with a compelling ROI by improving efficiency, mitigating fraud risk, improving the brand reputation, and above all, improving their customers’ experience.

What you will learn

Aculab will be hosting an informative, 45-minute webinar focused on voice biometrics and its voice biometrics system, VoiSentry.

In this webinar, Matt Smallman, co-founder of SymNex Consulting Ltd, who has multiple award winning Voice Biometrics implementations for some of the world's most customer centric organisations, together with Aculab, will explore:

  • The case for change – how biometrics addresses the challenges of knowledge based authentication (KBI)
  • Core concepts – the essentials for understanding the technology
  • Case study examples – how voice biometrics delivers results
  • Designing for customer adoption – how good design overcomes end user challenges
  • Beyond the ROI – how to position voice biometrics to your customers

Aculab’s Valter Emanuel and Mark Bosworth will present case study examples to illustrate how Aculab’s voice biometrics system – VoiSentry – delivers business benefits, including productivity and improving the customer experience.  

Aculab’s Ian Colville will delve into the positioning of VoiSentry, providing an insight into the ROI potential and associated benefits.

PLUS attend the webinar to have the opportunity of accessing the VoiSentry test facility!

Webinar details

VoiSentry – How voice biometrics can boost the value of your solutions

Thursday, May 23, 2019 I 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM BST

Register here