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Aculab Cloud secures protected health information

HIPAA assured protection of sensitive patient data

13th December 2016, Milton Keynes, UK – Aculab, a leading provider of deployment proven telephony APIs and gateways for the global communications market, is pleased to announce conformance of its communications platform-as-a-service, Aculab Cloud, to HIPAA and HITECH regulations

There are many benefits to using a cloud-based system for your communications platform – speed to market, lack of IT infrastructure concerns, flexibility, and last but not least, more manageable costs. But in choosing to outsource, you need to be sure the platform can scale to meet your needs, that it is reliable, and can provide a secure environment for your end customers.

As with other public service industries, security in healthcare goes beyond protecting against fraud and denial of service. Many regulations are concerned with how consumers’ data should be protected. In Europe and the UK, for example, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) exist to ensure service providers adhere to suitably strict regimes.

With the healthcare industry seeing a rise in the use of cloud-based infrastructure, regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH have gained the attention of cloud-based API providers. Protecting sensitive patient data and adhering to those regulations has become a priority for vendors providing infrastructure for healthcare applications in the US.

Today, Aculab is making sure that, through Aculab Cloud, it can offer its users in the US healthcare industry security and peace of mind in relation to sensitive protected health information (PHI).

Running on dedicated instances in a virtual private cloud, Aculab Cloud will offer encrypted network traffic and encryption of data at rest to provide the highest levels of security for PHI data. Furthermore, it includes support for user supplied AES keys, which enables the HIPAA Covered Entity to encrypt sensitive patient data such as in audio recordings and faxes.

Aculab is able to enter into HIPAA Business Associate Agreements with its Covered Entity customers providing healthcare platforms. That means Aculab Cloud users can give their healthcare service provider customers the necessary assurance that patient sensitive communications are protected in accordance with the relevant security regulations.

About Aculab:

Aculab is an innovative company that offers deployment proven enabling technology for any telecoms related application. Its wide range of APIs serve the evolving needs of automated and interactive systems, whether on-premise, data centre hosted, or cloud-based.

Aculab offers development APIs for voice, data, fax, speech and SMS, on hardware, software and cloud-based platforms, giving users the choice between capital investment and cost-effective, ‘pay as you go’ alternatives.

Many years of experience in helping to drive its customers’ success has led to over 1000 customers, in more than 80 countries worldwide, including developers, integrators and service providers, adopting Aculab’s technology for a wide variety of business critical services and solutions.

Aculab's head office is located in Milton Keynes, UK. It has an office in the USA.