Aculab’s VoiSentry extends functionality

VoiSentry now includes speaker identification and detailed presentation attack detection

PRESS RELEASE: 30 March 2020 – Milton Keynes, UK – Aculab, a global provider of API-driven advanced speech and signal processing technologies, is pleased to announce the latest version of its voice biometric system, VoiSentry.

This release introduces a speaker identification capability that can be used in applications ranging from fraud and nuisance call interception to frictionless access. VoiSentry’s presentation attack detection (PAD) functionality has also been extended: during verification, VoiSentry categorises any suspected presentation attack according to the technology employed (along the lines of the FIDO specifications).

• Improved accuracy due to continued algorithm development and the incorporation of the latest voice biometric technology
• Docker Container deployment option (Linux host)
• A new API call to check whether audio recordings originated from the same utterance

VoiSentry, Aculab’s voice biometric system, utilises a combination of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and many proprietary and hand-crafted algorithms, to achieve state-of-the-art accuracy in real-world situations.

VoiSentry provides a quick and cost-effective way to add voice biometrics to almost any automated business or customer interaction solution, whether on-premise or for cloud-based delivery. As a result, businesses using such solutions will be able to replace costly, time-consuming, and essentially frustrating identification and verification processes, simply by allowing their customers to interact using their voice.

“Regardless of the customer interaction channel, users want to present an unobtrusive and intuitive customer experience without having to compromise on security. At the same time, across all market sectors, businesses have to compete in terms of that experience, while fulfilling an overarching obligation to provide the highest levels of security of access to personal accounts and services. However, it’s not just about customer interaction as the technology of VoiSentry can be deployed for many use cases, such as workforce management, temporary employee placement, and the verification of exam takers,” states Alan Pound, Founder and CEO at Aculab.

“VoiSentry is designed as a scalable voice biometric system that is simple to install and integrate, with several deployment options in terms of platform environment,” explains Ian Colville, Product Manager at Aculab. "Control of Aculab’s system is via the VoiSentry API, which facilitates ready integration with any IVR, self-service, workforce management, or contact centre solution.”

“The VoiSentry API provides a palette of functions: enrolment; verification; update; PAD; similarity; identification; and recognise. Using the API, the solution developer retains full scope to tailor their applications to the target businesses’ needs. That means they can implement unique services on a per client basis, with a return on investment across a range of measures, be that fraud mitigation, customer satisfaction (or NPS®), ROI, or staff effectiveness – productivity, utilisation, engagement, etc.,” elaborates Colville.

For solutions developers or providers offering services to multiple clients, VoiSentry presents an ideal option. A multi-tenant contact centre solution, for example, can offer speaker verification and identification as a customer interaction security feature, simply and conveniently, to individual businesses, where each has full, independent control over the creation of datasets against which its users’ enrolments and verification or identification attempts are performed.

Highly scalable, supportive of multi-factor authentication, and with innovative resilience and database persistence features, the new version of VoiSentry is available now. To explore the system, click here or for any further information, contact Aculab.

About Aculab

Aculab is a global provider of API-driven advanced speech and signal processing technologies, offering deployment proven options for many automated and communications related interaction applications. Its wide range of APIs serve the evolving needs of systems integrators, whether for on-premise, data center hosted, or cloud-based solution delivery.

Aculab offers development APIs for voice, advanced speech, fax, data, and SMS, on hardware, software and cloud-based platforms, giving users the choice between capital investment and cost-effective, ‘pay as you go’ alternatives.

Many years of experience in helping to drive its customers’ success has led to over 1000 customers, in more than 80 countries worldwide, including developers, integrators and service providers, adopting Aculab’s technology for a wide variety of business-critical services and solutions.

Aculab has an office in the USA and its head office is located in Milton Keynes, UK.


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