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Event update - Our virtual Relación Cliente Expo presentations are now available on Youtube

Our team at Aculab would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved and got in touch with us at the virtual Relación Cliente Expo, which took place online on the 25th-26th November 2020.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the large number of Relacion Cliente Expo attendees who turned out across both days, and the opportunity to provide our insight on our advanced range of high quality products.

For those of you who are interested in checking out the collection of informative webcast presentations that our team put together for the RC Expo, we’re glad to announce that all 3 talks are available to view now, both below and on our Aculab Youtube channel.


Aculab – A contact centre technology provider of choice



In this presentation, we provide a brief overview of Aculab’s history within the Contact Centre market sector, and the technology available for Business Partners wanting to embrace it.

This breakdown of our history goes from known technologies such as the TDM telephony boards of our early days to advanced software only APIs available also in the AWS cloud, with advanced features including support for WebRTC as well as the latest Google ASR.

We also highlight how, in recent times Aculab has also moved into providing voice biometrics APIs, aimed at solution providers wanting to offer cutting edge and future proof solutions. Aculab’s voice biometrics solution has been developed for contact centre providers facing increasing demand for more protection against fraudulent attacks, as well as offering better customer experiences to their clients.


VoiSentry - Voice Biometrics in the Contact Centre



As fraudulent activity continues to rise, vulnerabilities within the Contact Center are being exploited. Legacy ID&V methods are no longer sufficient given the lengths fraudsters are willing to take in order to get access to your customers’ accounts.

During this presentation we highlight how you can make your contact center more secure, while also providing an excellent customer experience.


VoiSentry - A feature rich biometrics tool kit



Aculabs voice biometrics tool kit, VoiSentry, enables solution providers to quickly and easily enhance security and customer experience through the addition of biometric verification and identification.

During this presentation for our voice biometrics platform, we highlight how VoiSentry allows organisations to reduce fraud using a hybrid AI approach, incorporating Deep Neural Networks (DNN) whilst integrating seamlessly with other technologies via REST API’s.