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Nomidio integrates Aculab for secure and smooth biometric authentication

Nomidio bolsters multi-factor Identity-as-a-Service with Aculab's VoiSentry technology for voice authentication

PRESS RELEASE: 16 July 2020, UK – Remote identity has been thrown into the spotlight by the Covid-19 pandemic as significantly more people have been forced to access digital services remotely. In fact, according to Nomidio’s State of Identity 2020 research, an additional 3.5 million Brits proved their identity digitally for the first time during lockdown. It’s against this backdrop that Nomidio has enhanced its cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering with the integration of VoiSentry, a leading voice biometrics engine. 

Nomidio is a modern identity service delivered entirely from the cloud that allows a business to begin authenticating its customers on websites, or at the call centre, using multiple biometric identifiers. When a customer calls the contact centre they can prove who they are simply by saying ‘my voice is my password’, rather than struggling to remember a password that can be easily lost or compromised. Aculab's VoiSentry API allows easy integration of its advanced voice biometric engine that is capable of sophisticated matching to accurately verify if a caller’s voice matches the voice print securely stored within a given Nomidio identity record. 

The world urgently needs a new approach to identity authentication that reduces reliance on passwords and prevents the propagation of people’s personally identifiable information. In fact, according to Nomidio’s State of Identity 2020 study, more than 39 different organisations already store the average Briton’s personal data, contributing to identity theft.

Mark Bosworth, Business Development Manager, Aculab commented: “Nomidio is the first of a new generation of cloud services that allow an individual to register their personal identity information just once, and then to identify themselves using their voice, consistently, across the multiple different businesses they interact with. Finally, the password killer we’ve all been waiting for.”

Philip Black, Commercial Director, Nomidio added: “We’ve designed Nomidio using microservices so it was incredibly simple to incorporate the VoiSentry biometric engine. We looked at a range of voice engines but Aculab were the only firm that met our near-obsessive requirement for biometric authentication. Some vendors say they can do it, but there’s always systems integration work down the track - that’s just not what Nomidio is about.” 

Nomidio IDaaS is the only Identity service available to companies via Amazon’s AWS marketplace as part of the firm’s virtual contact centre service ‘Amazon Connect’, meaning it’s now possible to ‘drag and drop’ consumer biometric authentication into the call flow. It is also the identity authentication service of choice for Avaya, one of the world’s largest providers of contact centre technology. 

About Nomidio: 

Nomidio empowers individuals with a single ‘Unified Identity’ that's secure, unique and can be used to identify themselves across the multiple organisations they interact with. For businesses, Nomidio helps them quickly authenticate customers online or at the call centre using biometrics, whilst reducing the compliance burden associated with holding Personally Identifiable Information. Nomidio is part of the PQ Group, a family of businesses dedicated to the development of advanced cyber security technologies.

About Aculab:

Aculab is a global provider of API-driven advanced speech and signal processing technologies, offering deployment proven options for many automated and communications related interaction applications. Its wide range of APIs serve the evolving needs of systems integrators, whether for on-premise, data center hosted, or cloud-based solution delivery.

Aculab offers development APIs for voice, advanced speech, fax, data, and SMS, on hardware, software and cloud-based platforms, giving users the choice between capital investment and cost-effective, ‘pay as you go’ alternatives. 

Many years of experience in helping to drive its customers’ success has led to over 1000 customers, in more than 80 countries worldwide, including developers, integrators and service providers, adopting Aculab’s technology for a wide variety of business-critical services and solutions.

Aculab has an office in the USA and its head office is located in Milton Keynes, UK.