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Transcend Linguistic Barriers & Foster Meaningful Connections

March 2024 - Milton Keynes, UK - Eliminate Communication Barriers with Live Audio Translation for Phone Calls.

As a market leader in the telecom sector, Aculab has unveiled a unique solution—automatic audio-to-audio language translation for phone calls—representing a significant advancement in worldwide communication. By enabling smooth communication on a worldwide scale, this state-of-the-art technology stands to completely transform how people and organisations interact across language barriers.

Key Benefits:

Real-time Audio - Audio Translation: Bid farewell to language barriers with our new technology, that offers accurate and immediate live audio translation of spoken words during phone calls. When enabled, words spoken by either party are automatically translated into the other party's native language, enabling multilingual conversation to occur.

Enhance Business Operations: In an increasingly globalised world, this technology opens up new avenues for collaboration, negotiation, and client interactions, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success.

Privacy and Security: Our Automatic Audio Language Translation prioritises user privacy and data security, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Technical Features

Multi-Language Support: Eliminate linguistic communication barriers, with support for various languages.

Natural translated voice output: The technology allows for the most natural and human-like sounding voices.

Played to both parties: The translated audio and display text are shown to both parties.

Dr Ladan Baghai-Ravary, CEO of Aculab, expressed excitement about the launch, stating:
Our Live Audio to Audio Language Translation is a testament to our commitment to breaking down communication barriers and fostering meaningful connections. This technology represents a game-changer for individuals and businesses alike, offering a glimpse into a future where language no longer hinders collaboration and understanding.

This groundbreaking solution is set to reshape the landscape of cross-cultural communication, bringing people closer together like never before. To learn more about Aculab and its Live Audio to Audio Language Translation technology, please visit our website www.aculab.com.

About Aculab:

Aculab is a trailblazing innovator in language technology, dedicated to creating solutions that transcend linguistic barriers and enhance communication on a global scale. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to make the world more connected through cutting-edge technology and advanced solutions.