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4 Uses of CPaaS to improve Healthcare services

The healthcare industry is a constantly shifting marketplace, with new technologies evolving on a regular basis. However these changes tend to be behind the scenes; until the COVID-19 pandemic very little had changed in terms of how doctors and medical staff interact with patients. Now healthcare providers are playing catch up to create pandemic and futureproof communication models. For many, a CPaaS solution is their salvation.

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS (Communications Platform as a service) is a cloud based communication solution, allowing companies to add various features to their communication platform, without having to host these services on-premise. High-end CPaaS providers offer a variety of features to ensure your communications fit your business's needs. For example, industry-leader Aculab offers features on their CPaaS solution, Aculab Cloud, which include:

  • Answering Machine Detection

    Industry-leading, AI-driven, Answering Machine Detection (AMD) with 99.8% accuracy. Ensuring the right message reaches the right person, every time.

  • Combine with cutting edge Voice Biometrics technology

    Top-end CPaaS providers are now offering the addition of various new APIs, including Voice Biometrics to authenticate customers, over the phone, quickly and securely.

  • Unparalleled Data Security, around the world

    Data security is of paramount importance. Combine HIPAA secure communications with local data sovereignty, meaning your data does not get moved around, unless you require it.

CPaaS is a highly flexible solution that enables your patients to receive not only exceptional medical care but also an unbeatable customer experience. There are many applications of a cloud-based communication solution, including:

  1. Automated Reminders

    Life gets busy. It's no wonder that no-shows cost the US healthcare industry an astronomical $150 billion every year. There are a number of different solutions to this costly problem, what sets CPaaS apart from the rest?

    • A solution that works for every demographic

      Make your communications accessible to all. Voice reminders have better penetration than another means of communication, especially with people that are elderly or visually impaired.

    • Local Numbers in over 50 countries

      People are 4x as likely to answer a call from a local number. You can trust your message is getting to the patient; the patient trusts the information you provide.

    • 2 way messaging

      Build rapport with your patients, allowing them to feel heard and be there for them when they need help. Shift focus from responsive care to ongoing preventive care.

  2. Appointment booking

    Administration in medicine is a very time consuming process, with the average doctor spending nearly 9 hours a week of their valuable time devoted to administrative tasks.

    Eliminate this unnecessary use of time by managing appointments through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) embedded with Voice Biometrics authentication. This enables patients to book their appointments, without the need for a receptionist’s time, securely and quickly. Less form filling, more solutions.

  3. Video consultations

    A solution that had become a lot more popular throughout the pandemic, allowing face-to-face interactions whilst maintaining social distancing measures. Powered by WebRTC, allow patients to video and voice call consultants allowing for an in-depth assessment from the comfort of their own home.

  4. Prescriptions and medication

    Ensure the highest levels of patient care throughout the treatment process. With CPaaS, automated SMS or voice messages can be sent multiple times a day, allowing healthcare professionals to send medication reminders, updates to prescriptions and much more.

Real world application

This isn’t just theoretical. CPaaS has had proven deployment across the healthcare industry. Aculab’s client eClinicalWorks, a leader in the US healthcare field, utilised Aculab Cloud (a customisable CPaaS solution) to overhaul their patient communication pathways.

We were looking for a messaging platform that could handle the volume and short call set-up times we needed, and we found the ideal solution from Aculab.

How to add CPaaS to your solution

A major benefit of a cloud-based platform is the lack of need for on-premise hardware, meaning you can enhance your communications with very little downtime and little up-front capital investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your communications solutions in line with your cutting-edge treatments today at https://cloud.aculab.com/login/enrol.