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Toll free number capability in 40 countries

Did you know that Aculab Cloud has the ability to support toll free numbers in forty countries worldwide?

That’s pretty extensive for a cloud telecom API platform, some of which only support a handful of countries. So if you have an application that would benefit your customers by having toll free inbound calling capability, and you need to roll it out across Europe, the US or Asia, then keep reading.

The inbound coverage page shows the countries we support.

In some countries we will provide just the main toll free number prefix, but in others we support multiple number prefixes. For example, in the UK we support 0800 and 0808 numbers, and for the US and Canada we support the prefixes 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888.

For a toll free number there is a setup and monthly rental fee (although in many countries the setup fee is zero), and then a per minute charge for incoming calls applies to the number. When setting up the number in your account, you have the choice whether to accept incoming calls from landlines, from mobiles or from payphones. The rates to accept calls from these three number types can vary significantly, with the cost to accept calls from payphones being the highest. If you are looking to keep your incoming toll free call charges down, then simply un-ticking the payphones option when setting up the number will mean you get charged a lower rate for calls to your toll free number.

If you are interested in toll free number use, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details with you.