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FaiSentry use cases

  • Access Control and Logging
    Access Control and Logging

    Controlling access to sensitive areas within an organisation traditionally relies on code-entry via keypads, which is inherently insecure. Often, it's also necessary to record a log of all entries to, and exits from, the controlled area, and this is just as insecure.

    FaiSentry overcomes both these processes' weaknesses - it forces people to reveal their faces in order to be granted access and its security is difficult to circumvent.

  • Application and Service Log-Ins
    Application and Service Log-Ins

    FaiSentry can provide a frictionless login experience for users of almost any internet-connected smart device. Applications and services become easy to access, with no easy way to bypass the security measures.

  • Fraud Prevention
    Fraud Prevention

    As more consumer and business activity moves onto mobile apps and services, the level of fraud being perpetrated online has dramatically increased. New solutions are needed to combat such fraud in a way that doesn’t noticeably impede transactions between users and businesses.

    FaiSentry can use images captured throughout an online video-call to give multiple authentication results, so you can be sure that not only are your users who they say they are, but also the complete call (or even series of calls) has been made by the same authorised individual.

  • Workforce and Attendance Management
    Workforce and Attendance Management

    In situations where the members of a workforce are required to clock in and out of their workplace, or where attendance at particular events is mandatory, FaiSentry can be used to speed their progress.

    FaiSentry’s ability to identify multiple faces within an image means that images can be captured “on-the-fly” as people enter or leave, and the identities of everyone present in the image can be recorded.

  • Healthcare and Telehealth Services
    Healthcare and Telehealth Services

    Provide rapid and frictionless appointment management and secure access to patient records with FaiSentry - it can be used in HIPAA and HITECH compliant systems, since no personal data is stored internally, and faceprints are not accessible outside of FaiSentry.

  • Speedy Check-Ins
    Speedy Check-Ins

    Modernising your check-in system with FaiSentry allows check-ins to be verified both in terms of matching the subject’s identity against their travel documents, and against previously stored biometric data. This allows significantly faster entry, reduced queuing times and reduced staff workload.