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Enabling technologies from Aculab

Our extensive range of biometric speaker verification software, gateways, signalling software and media processing hardware/software provides unrivalled levels of functionality backed by a team of highly experienced engineers. Build your applications on a platform you can trust.

  • Engineered by experts
    Engineered by experts

    Designed in-house by engineers with an in-depth understanding of telecoms

  • Deployed across the world
    Deployed across the world

    Used in enterprise and telco organisations including the military and emergency services

  • Honed over 40 years
    Decades of experience

    Huge knowledge base, vast feature sets available to developers

  • Reliable, robust, award-winning
    Reliable, robust, award-winning

    Engineered to last

Aculab VoiSentry -
biometric speaker verification and identification software

VoiSentry APIs enable enhanced security and improved fraud protection, together with speed and convenience for the user, through the ready application of voice biometrics.

Organisations of every size, from SMEs to huge conglomerates, in both public and private sectors, can benefit across a range of key operational measures, by allowing customers to identify themselves by their voice. Voice biometrics is an intuitive, secure and effective alternative to knowledge- or token-based ID verification, facilitating multi-factor authentication and regulatory compliance.