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Media processing hardware

Reliable, deployment proven technology, Aculab’s portfolio of media processing products offers a comprehensive set of functionality used to create a wide range of enterprise and telco level service applications, including voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), conferencing, prepaid platforms, voice portals, unified messaging, fax bureaux, VoIP gateways and media servers.


Prosody X media processing chassis

Feature rich media processing resources for IP and TDM networks in a ready to deploy 1U chassis available in two variants - the smaller Enterprise chassis for small-to-medium sized deplyments and the larger, telco-grade, high availability (HA) chassis, available with AC or DC dual-redundant power supplies. Both variants of Prosody X 1U chassis are remotely controlled from an application server using Aculab’s remote APIs – the same APIs that are used for board-based designs. The configuration presents a distributed, service-oriented architecture that offers both resilience and ready scalability.

  • Resilient, scalable architecture
    Resilient, scalable architecture

    Solutions for scalability or resilience/failover

  • Cost-effective high availability
    Cost-effective high availability

    High density, dedicated hardware resources for the most demanding applications

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
    Suitable for a wide range of applications

    Contact centre, message broadcast, IVR, conferencing, unified communications, etc.

Technical specifications

Detailed information on feature sets, protocol support and applications.

    • Fully featured to support a range of telephony solutions – IVR, call centres, fax broadcast, conferencing, VoIP and military applications
    • Extensive range of protocol stacks for both TDM and IP networks – including SIP, SS7, ISDN and CAS, via software selectable E1/T1 interfaces
    • High density – Up to 1440 telephony processing channels per chassis; add further chassis for larger systems
    • ‘Best in class’ on several performance metrics – channel count, cost effectiveness, reliability, longevity Designed to be IP-centric – whilst retaining the ability to connect to legacy TDM networks.
    • Suitable for any installation type – offering features such as automatic failover and redundancy schemes
    • Distributed architecture – multiple Prosody X systems can be controlled and coordinated remotely, distributing resources where you need them
    • Form factors – 1U enterprise chassis, 1U high availability chassis
    • Channel count – up to 1440 per platform
    • Protocols – SIP, SIGTRAN, SS7, CAS, ISDN PRI, DPNSS, QSIG, INS1500, NI-2, DASS2
    • Telephony resources – record, playback, fax, conferencing, CPA, IVR
    • Speech technologies – echo cancellation, barge-in to enable you to stop a replay, and silence suppression
    • 23 voice codecs including – G.711, G.723.1, G.729, G.722, AMR
    • Resilience features – high availability can be achieved by adopting automatic failover and redundancy schemes; larger chassis offers hot-swap fans and PSUs
    • Operating systems support – Windows and Linux
    • Contact centre
    • Conferencing
    • Messaging
    • IVR solutions
    • Media server
    • Voicemail
    • Auto attendant
    • SIP trunking
    • Fax bureau/server
    • PBX
    • Unified communications
    • Voice portal
    • PSAP CPE
    • Voice broadcast

What our customers say…

  • Future Technologies
  • PayTel
  • The Prosody X platform is extremely flexible, giving us a number of options to build solutions to our customers’ specifications.

    Owais Ali Shah, CTO Future Technologies

  • Aculab was very quick to understand our requirements and make the changes we need to get our development efforts underway. The ongoing support and consultation from Aculab was a tremendous asset.

    David Orr, Paytel