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  • Built on Aculab’s AI-driven biometrics

    VoiSentry includes a cluster-based architecture that provides effective scalability, robustness and future-proofing, along with the option of hosting on-premise or in a data centre.

    Streamline the customer experience

    Go beyond passwordless login and enable efficient and frictionless identification of individuals.

    Frictionless verification

    Our voice biometric engine combines enterprise-grade security and ease of use, creating the optimal business and client experience.


  • Fraud prevention

    With identity theft on the rise, MFA is increasingly used to prevent unauthorised access to customer data or financial resources. Voice biometrics adds a secure authentication factor that is spoof resistant.

    Voice signatures

    Voice biometrics can be leveraged to create voice signatures, a legally binding method of underwriting documents such as life assurance policies.

    They can also be used to authorise financial transactions where PCI DSS compliance is mandated.

    Results in a fraction of a second

    VoiSentry provides near-instantaneous results, streamlining the authentication process and removing unnecessary hassle for end users.

Appointment reminder benefits

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Standards and compliance

Aculab is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality and security across the board.

Data security and standards compliance are key to Aculab, and we have passed audits for compliance with standards ranging from Quality Control (ISO 9001:2015), through Information Security (ISO 27001:2013) to Data Privacy (EU GDPR) and health-related standards such as HIPAA and HITECH.

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