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Aculab Cloud gives you powerful, programmable, easy to integrate APIs which allow you to make, take and interact with voice calls, send and receive SMS messages, and handle inbound and outbound fax - all with pay-as-you-go pricing and no specialist telephony equipment needed. Aculab Cloud builds upon Aculab’s core competence by combining complex technologies into a powerful, flexible and easy to use platform.

With highly accurate answering machine detection and fully configurable calls-per-second (CPS), we'll deliver your message reliably, on time.

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Decades of voice expertise -
direct from the cloud

Adopted worldwide, our services and solutions support a wide variety of mission critical applications. From healthcare and law enforcement to corporate communications, Aculab provides deployment proven, high performance telephony products.

  • Engineered by experts

    Engineered by experts

    Our highly experienced engineering team has a deep understanding of telecoms

  • Delivered in the cloud

    Delivered in the cloud

    Communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) model ensures seamless global deployment

  • Built on experience

    Built on experience

    Over 1000 customers in 80+ countries rely on Aculab for their mission critical applications

  • Aculab Cloud customer stories

    eClinicalWorks –
    patient management
    and advisory

    eClinicalWorks used Aculab Cloud to enhance their industry leading, cloud-based platform by offering integrated messaging services to hospitals, practices, and correctional health services. Aculab’s VoIP, text-to-speech, SMS, and fax features were used to automatically send appointment reminders, lab results, and more, enhancing efficiency and patient care.

    • use case
      Offer hosted messaging services to ambulatory groups, hospitals, practices and correctional health services.
    • use case
      Use VoIP, voice, text-to-speech, SMS and fax for appointment reminders, lab results and health alerts etc.
    • use case
      Enable efficiency improvements and enhanced patient care through self-service appointment confirmations.
  • Aculab Cloud customer stories

    VirtuaTell –
    cloud-based telephony and SMS

    Aculab’s software provided all essential features needed by VirtuaTell, enabling it to further present voice and messaging led survey options to its customers. API enabled capabilities used by VirtuaTell include: voice playback; text-to-speech; call recording; call-back; call progress; DTMF handling; SMS and two-factor authentication.

    • use case
      VirtuaTell was able to realise its ambitions by expanding its multi-lingual feedback solution into the wider global market.
    • use case
      VirtuaTell now enables its clients to conduct surveys across every touchpoint, by offering surveys via the telephone, SMS and online.
    • use case
      VirtuaTell can offer all multiple customer contact channels in a single solution.
  • Aculab Cloud customer stories

    Alert Solutions –
    cloud-based voice

    Alert Solutions’ previous internal voice broadcasting systems were limited in capacity, but with Aculab Cloud they are now able to consistently handle a much higher workload and benefit from the ability to quickly develop and deploy a stable and scalable system.

    • use case
      Alert Solutions was able to benefit from greater scalability, being able to ramp up to thousands of simultaneous calls, on-demand.
    • use case
      Using Aculab Cloud enabled Alert Solutions to achieve faster time to market and quicker return on investment from its new solution.
    • use case
      Alert Solutions was able to shed its dependency on hardware and cumbersome third party software by using Aculab Cloud.
  • Aculab Cloud customer stories

    BeQuick Software – cloud-based IVR

    With a blossoming new era of wireless prepaid systems, BeQuick was looking for a VoIP solution that was reliable, scalable and flexible, and that could be brought to market quickly. Above all, BeQuick wanted to gain a cost-effective means of supplying a scalable IVR solution to allow its MVNOs’ customers to activate their new phones, check their balances and pay bills.

    • use case
      BeQuick now benefits from a cost-effective multipurpose IVR solution, thanks to Aculab Cloud.
    • use case
      Aculab Cloud enabled BeQuick to move away from its existing IVR platform, which suffered from inflexibility and ever increasing costs.
    • use case
      BeQuick’s customers now benefit from being able to create outbound call lists using their own criteria, and easily set up call campaigns.

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