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Our highly accurate AI-Driven Answering Machine Detection (AI-AMD) allows you to classify whether the number you're calling is answered by a human or their voicemail in less than 2 seconds.

AI-AMD is available as a stand alone product. Discover how it can revolutionize your business with its powerful AI-driven solutions. Contact us if you'd like an evaluation licence.


  • Accuracy of virtually 100%

    Using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, our AMD is best in class, for easy regulatory compliance.

    Increase efficiency

    The fast classification of the system minimises the delay in connecting your customers to an agent, reducing the percentage of silent calls.

    Meet in-country regulations

    Our high accuracy allows you to meet in-country regulations, for example from the FCC and OFCOM, while maintaining agent efficiency.


  • Best-in-class accuracy

    Our AI-AMD solution is trained on tens of thousands of audio files, yielding an unrivalled accuracy of virtually 100%.

    Language independent

    Aculab's AI-AMD works regardless of the spoken language on the receiving end. This approach means that you can deploy it anywhere.

    Classification of residential vs business

    The system can further classify the recipient as residential or business, according to the way the call is answered.

AI AMD features

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