Aculab Cloud provides public safety professionals with the communications infrastructure they need.

  • Mass notifications: Voice &amp SMS

    • Send thousands of SMS messages and phone calls, all in seconds.
    • Easily configurable calls per second, including bursting.
    • Local numbers in over 50 countries.
  • Configurable Capacity

    • Guaranteed Capacity: Calls Per Second available instantly, configurable and on-tap.
    • Allowed Capacity: Fair use of our unused Calls Per Second capacity - bursting.
guaranteed capacity
Regional security
  • Regional cloud security

    • Keep your data secure in a regional cloud.
    • We won't move data between our regions unless you ask us to.
    • GDPR Compliant security architecture.
  • Integration support

    • We can help you integrate Aculab Cloud with your existing infrastructure.
    • Our team offers bespoke development support.
    • You can bring your own carrier.
    • High level APIs provide easy integration.
Integration Support
healthcare development
  • Custom features development

    • Our highly experienced team offers professional custom feature development.
    • We have forged partnerships for best-of-breed text-to-speech (provided by Amazon Polly), and speech recognition (provided by Google).
    • We have an easy to use integration with Google Dialogflow, allowing straightforward deployment of your conversational AI bots and virtual agents in the voice environment.

Compliance, guaranteed:

iso 9001-2015
iso 9001-2015
gdpr logo
iso 27001-2013