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  • Public safety
  • Aculab has a long history in serving the communication needs of public safety organisations through involvement with NENA and EENA.

    Our gateways are used extensively as a key component of the north American NG9-1-1 network, and in recent years, Aculab Cloud has evolved to support specific features useful for mass notification systems.

  • Mass notification

    Mass notification (voice/SMS)

    • Aculab Cloud’s performance and reliability will ensure that even the most mission critical mass notification is sent. And if you need guaranteed capacity and a predictable call rate, you can easily manage calls per second across your outbound services.
  • Guaranteed capacity

    Guaranteed capacity, thousands of calls in an instant

    • Fully configurable calls-per-second (CPS) functionality – get your calls placed, when you want them placed.
    • Pay for guaranteed minimum calls-per-second and split it between your services just as you want it.
    • Set a higher maximum allowed calls per second on each service, allowing it to burst if spare capacity is available.
  • Avoid cross-border security concerns

    Avoid cross-border security concerns by keeping your data within a country or region

    • Wherever your company operates, keeping your customers' data within region is simple with Aculab Cloud. If we already have a public cloud in your region, that's great. If not, let us know where you'd like your data kept and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.
    • Aculab Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We can run a cloud in any region where they AWS have a compute and storage presence. The customer data you write to an Aculab Cloud stays in the Amazon region where the cloud runs - we do not copy it anywhere else unless you ask us to.
  • Simple integration

    Simple integration into your existing systems

    Want to bring your own voice carrier? No problem.
    • Existing relationships with your carriers give you peace of mind for performance and reliability. Bring your own carriers with you to Aculab Cloud and continue to enjoy your existing call rates.
  • custom solutions

    Something missing?

    Need custom features? Just ask...
    • As your business needs change, what you need from Aculab Cloud might change too. We're not too big to care so, if you suggest changes to us, we're more likely to listen. We’ll help ensure that, as your business grows, we meet your communication needs.
    • We’ve been providing software and hardware communications system enabling technology building blocks for four decades – we are experts in voice, SMS and fax.
    • We have forged partnerships for best-of-breed text-to-speech (provided by Amazon Polly), and speech recognition (provided by Google) with many languages and some of the best quality voices available today.