Local clouds and data sovereignty

A cloud-based communications platform as a service – but located entirely within your country's borders.

Unlike many other CPaaS systems that exist as a single entity with global coverage, Aculab Cloud has been designed from day one to support the lowest possible call latencies with a regional architecture. This architectural decision provides further benefits to users with data security and compliance concerns, as the Aculab Cloud service can be operated in a fully-regionalised way – your data is kept within the region of your choice, it doesn’t just disappear ‘into the cloud’. Rather than a single cloud to encompass the whole globe, our solution is formed from multiple clouds, regionalised.

Forget about cross-border data security and protection legislation – with everything hosted within your country’s borders, this risk is eliminated.

  • Local data
    Data you put on one Cloud stays in that Cloud

    We don't copy it around unless you ask us to

  • local places
    We have the ability to spin up Clouds in different places subject to demand

    Currently operating in US (two datacentres) and EU (Ireland)

  • Local partners
    Ability to set up local carrier partners

    Select one of Aculab’s carrier partners or bring your own carrier (BYOC)

  • Local HIPAA
    HIPAA compliant cloud architecture

    Protected healthcare data

Aculab Local Cloud benefits

  • Scalable, on-demand resources

    Bring your own carrier or use ours

  • Reduce your time-to-market

    Can be offered as a pay-per-minute service
    or fully managed by Aculab engineers

  • Reduce your development costs

    Avoids call latency issues
    caused by long-distance call paths

  • Backed by our extraordinary heritage

    Local servers for cloud and application hosting

  • Partnership with an industry veteran

    Encrypted storage

  • A platform for risk-free innovation

    Recommended for ISO27001 certification

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