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Your data is kept within the region of your choice, it doesn’t just disappear ‘into the cloud’. Rather than a single cloud to encompass the whole globe, our solution is formed from multiple clouds, regionalised.


Local cloud benefits
  • Data you put on one Cloud stays in that Cloud

    We don't copy it around unless you ask us to.

    We have the ability to spin up Clouds in different regions subject to demand

    Currently operating in US (two datacentres) and EU.

    Ability to use your own carrier partners

    Use Aculab’s carrier partners or bring your own carrier (BYOC).

    HIPAA compliant cloud architecture

    Protected healthcare data.


  • Meet privacy regulations with ease

    Aculab’s cloud solutions are designed from the ground up with privacy as a focus and are ISO27001 & GDPR compliant.

    Encrypted storage

    Aculab Cloud features encrypted storage, for extra peace of mind.

    Flexible solution

    Available as a pay-per-minute service, or can be fully managed by Aculab engineers.

Local Cloud features


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