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ApplianX IP gateway

The ApplianX IP Gateway can be used in a variety of VoIP/TDM gateway scenarios and for TDM protocol conversions.

It is a ‘plug & play’ gateway that, regardless of deployment, can help reduce operational costs, extend the life of legacy, TDM-based equipment, and enable the delivery of services from IP-based applications and end points. ApplianX gateways are a vital component in any VoIP migration strategy. Uniquely, the ApplianX IP Gateway can support the interworking of Supplementary Services between SIP, QSIG and DPNSS.

The ApplianX IP Gateway offers a wide range of signalling protocols, including PRI/ISDN types, various CAS types, and PBX protocols, such as QSIG and DPNSS. The ApplianX IP Gateway provides dual-redundant traffic interfaces for SIP signalling and RTP voice streams, with support for G.711 and G.729AB codecs.

  • Plug and play
    Plug and play

    Can bridge between various TDM and IP endpoints

  • Reduce operational costs
    Protect investment in legacy equipment

    Existing systems remain in service, while advantage is gained from new, IP-based services and endpoints

  • Wide range of protocols supported
    Wide range of protocols supported

    PRI/ISDN types; T1 robbed-bit; E1 CAS; R1; R2; AT&T and NI2

ApplianX IP Gateway technical specifications

The ApplianX IP Gateway is used to achieve a variety of TDM to VoIP migration strategies. It can connect TDM-based PBXs to SIP-based call managers, provide a PSTN front end to SIP-based platforms, or extend the life of QSIG- or DPNSS-based PBXs by connecting to IP networks.

The ApplianX IP Gateway is a cost-effective solution for many problem scenarios, helping to reduce operational costs and providing extensibility between legacy equipment and IP-based services and endpoints.

Aculab ApplianX gateway

White papers, solutions and deployment notes

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What our customers say…

  • NHS Cambridge University Hospitals
  • Nixxis
  • Paytel
  • The ApplianX can do various TDM to VoIP conversions and is easy to configure; with responsive support and development teams it has been an invaluable tool in helping us bridge the decades.

    Peter Cleveland, Head of Infrastructure, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

  • In terms of reliability, functionality, adaptability, scalability - and certainly operating simplicity - the Applianx IP gateway continues to exceed our expectations. The ApplianX IP gateway serves a vital role in delivering the seamless connectivity our customers demand.

    Tjardick van der Kraan, Nixxis

  • Aculab was very quick to understand our requirements and make the changes we need to get our development efforts underway. The ongoing support and consultation from Aculab was a tremendous asset.

    David Orr, Paytel