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How Aculab helped me get my dream job

Like many graduates, I recently completed my master’s degree and was struggling to find a job in relation to my field of study (technology).

I spent several months applying to numerous roles, completing multiple application forms and undergoing various interviews.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in several companies and organisations putting a halt on recruitment, and this limited my opportunities even further. The roles that were available required experience, and being fresh out of University with no industry knowledge often meant I didn’t meet the requirements for these roles.


Along my journey to attaining my dream job, I was fortunate to experience a few different interviews. However, having very limited interview experience prior to this; it’s safe to say I didn’t know what to expect and I was lacking in interview experiences compared to many other candidates.

This was the position I was left in: I had all the qualifications necessary and required for graduate schemes and entry-level positions – but like the majority of the World, Covid-19 bought my life to a complete standstill.

I quickly realised I didn’t yet have the background knowledge or experience to get interviews for the roles I most aspired for. Therefore, I decided to look for positions that would be stepping-stones towards them. When commencing my search, I prioritised looking for roles that would give me relevant experiences, develop my skill-set, and provide me with an insight into the industry I wanted so badly to work in.

When I first heard about the Digital Analyst role offered by Aculab with support from the Kickstart scheme, admittedly, I was slightly hesitant. Whilst I was studying for my undergraduate degree, I didn’t particularly enjoy software engineering, and in the Aculab interview, I was advised that this would be part of my role. However, after speaking to a few members of the Aculab team, I quickly learnt that it was a very open working environment, which enabled to work with and alongside basically any department in line with my skill-set. Aculab were VERY supportive in my development, providing me with opportunities to learn different things, whilst helping me to develop and hone my skills for employment. Whilst working for Aculab, I was able to improve my skills in areas such as communicating effectively within a workplace, time-keeping, team-working, CV writing, and teaching me to build on my confidence. The areas I had previously felt in former interviews I was lacking in, I now felt much more confident about thanks to the support provided by Aculab.

When I began the Kickstart Scheme, my tasks were varied, and ranged from blog-writing to website analysis, to analysing recordings and more. I thoroughly believe each of these tasks helped me to become more confident in my work and gave me a greater sense of self-confidence.

When I was interviewing for my dream role the interviewers specifically asked questions on tasks that I had completed with Aculab. They were impressed with areas I had been exposed too in such a short amount of time and the experience I had gained from this role, and stated that this gave me an advantage over the other candidates.

Ultimately, I believe the experience I gained from my role at Aculab with the Kickstart scheme was a magnificent opportunity which I could not recommend enough. If you are struggling to find a job, want to develop your skills, gain some insight into the industry, or want to try something new, then look no further than Aculab.

Ali Patel


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